Natural Violet offers handmade vegan bath and body care products with simple ingredients to naturally nourish your hair and body. All of the products are all natural, vegan, scented with essential oils, and cruelty free. They are free of synthetic dyes. fragrances, sodium laurel sulfates, and parabens. They are also palm product free and do not contain palm oil or palm butter. Each soap is lovingly handmade in small batches in my home in Virginia. I use a traditional a cold process method for making artisan soap. During the saponification process sodium hydroxide and oil molecules combine to produce soap and glycerin. The reaction is complete after about 48 hours and no sodium hydroxide is present in the finished bars of soap or shampoo leaving a mild and natural product. The soaps are superfatted from 6-10% and are cured for 4-6 weeks making a mild soap. Bars are hand cut and will vary a bit in size according the listed weight range.