Happy Earth Day

Natural Violet

Happy Earth Day everyone! Hope you are all well and safe. On this special day I am feeling reflective about how I started making soaps. I wanted more natural and environmentally friendly bath and body products for my family and myself. I also wanted to go more zero waste with our products and get rid of as many plastic bottles as possible. The first batch of soap I made was goldenrod lavender. I made a few more batches and was hooked on soap making. I was very excited when I first saw shampoo bars. It was a strange idea to me at first, but once I started using them there was no turning back. I originally bought my shampoo bars, but I figured I could make them myself. The most challenging part for me was figuring out recipes that were both vegan and palm free. All the vegan shampoo and soap bar recipes I found included palm oil. It took a lot of experimentation, but I finally came up with my own recipes. I have been selling shampoo bars and soaps on my Etsy shop for several years now and it is nice to know that my soap recipes work well. It also makes me happy to know I am helping with promoting vegan, palm free, and zero waste products.

So that is my musings on this Earth Day. I am busy working on more soaps and also shampoo bars. I was taking a break from making shampoo bars, but I decided to make more. Currently, I am selling products on both my new square shop and my etsy shop. Again, I was going to stop selling on Etsy, but I decided there is benefit in having both shops open. So for now you can purchase on either NV square shop or NV Etsy shop. I have less fees on my square shop so if you can order there then great. My square shop also has an option for local pick up that is really nice. Spring soaps are in both shops along with gift sets. Mother’s day is coming up soon and I have some really nice natural sets available.

Again I hope you are all well and safe! Happy Earth Day!

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